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7 Step Thai Business

7 Step Thai Business

The company must register 2,000,000THB of capital per foreigner. The rule is that a company must have at least 3 shareholders in order to register in Thailand. You will obviously need at least 1 Thai partner as a shareholder who will control 51% or more of the company. How to prepare for starting a Business?

1. Reserving the juristic person’s name.

The name to be reserved must not be the same or close to that of other companies, which Thai and English.

2. Shareholder Information.

At least 3 natural persons as promoters (initial shareholders). Three shareholders are required at all times throughout company operation.

  • Thai 51%
  • Foreigner 49%

3. Director Information.

Director(s) who can sign and affix common seal of the Company to bind the Company.

4. Objectives

Business Startup Planning needs a clearly defined set of business objectives as part of its business strategy.    

5. Registered Capital

Its minimum registered capital would be 2 million baht. If the company intends to employ foreigners.

6. Company Address

The province of the Kingdom where the registered office of the company will be situated.

7. Two Witnesses

You must have 2 Thais to be witness for company registration.

7 Step Thai Business

7 Step Thai Business

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